Copperstate Fly-In 2006

Held at Casa Grande, AZ. Copperstate fly-in is centered around homebuilt aircraft, but quite a few antiques and later model airplanes show up. They mix the airplanes together in parking and will not group all of a type together. They do have quite a few forums, presentations, vendor areas (Aircraft Spruce, etc.) and homebuilt / LSA aircraft manufacturers, dealers, and kit suppliers show up. For 2006, I was there on October 28.

N557SX, built by Robert Ruggles, Phoenix, AZ. A/W date 2/27/06. Current (2010) registration with Ronnie Wren, Leonard, TX. 3300 engine. I believe this one crashed a while back and was destroyed.

N557SX - detail of flap to aileron gap. Seems like all the Sonex park with the flaps down, so you can't really see what this gap looks like. I was positioning the ailerons on my wing at the time. I decided to align the ailerons with the wing tips, and let this gap fall out at slightly different between the left and right wings. Still flies straight.

N557SX - aileron to wingtip alignment. He used the composite tips, and it looks like they are a little proud of the skins. I went with the metal tips, and they are flush to the skins.

The Scamp, N3968R. Aerosport Scamp, built by Cecil Underwood, A/W date 1/12/84. Current (2010) registration to John McKinney, Sun Lakes, AZ.

Scamp interior.

Scamp front view.

Eric Scheppers' 3300 Sonex. This year, with an added slick prop cover. No, the prop isn't painted in checkerboard.

Waiex, N715B Checkered Past. Built by Lou Pappas, s/n 31, A/W date 5/26/06. Now (2010) registered to Daryl Dellone, Fresno, CA.

N715B - he also had a Mini Cooper Convertible in this same orange color.

N715B - flap to aileron gap.

Beech 18 - N2913B. Used on the coffee mug in 2010. 1953 model, registered to Collectible Aircraft Inc., Chandler, AZ.

Beech 18, N2913B.

N451SX. 2200 Sonex, built by Steve Pettyjohn, Phoenix, AZ. Now (2010) registered to Dennis Huwe, Aguila, AZ. Steve recommended the bigger engine as the only thing he would change, mostly due to the hot/high conditions in AZ.

Grumman of some type.

Spitfire replica.

Ryan trainer.

N6007, Super Seawind. Built by D. Rickerson, M. Ibbotson, Anchorage, AK. Registered 12/4/96, no A/W date.

Pitts S-12.

N9939 - Highlander built by Ted Sutton, Parker AZ. A/W date 10/29/05.

N715B Waiex.

Wittman Tailwind, N169WH, built by James Clement, A/W date 12/22/04. Now (2010) registered to Don Colchin, Houston, TX.

N100JM - Mooney Mite (M-18LA), s/n 144, built 1953. Registered to Delvin Gregg, Durango, CO.