Copperstate Fly-In 2007

Held at Casa Grande, AZ. Copperstate fly-in is centered around homebuilt aircraft, but quite a few antiques and later model airplanes show up. They mix the airplanes together in parking and will not group all of a type together. They do have quite a few forums, presentations, vendor areas (Aircraft Spruce, etc.) and homebuilt / LSA aircraft manufacturers, dealers, and kit suppliers show up. For 2007, I was there on October 27.

Sonex 691, built by Dennis Burton, A/W date 3/13/07. 2010 - sold to somewhere in NC.

Confusing clear-looking rudder. Just the reflection.

Another view of reflections.

Try at an interior view of 683DB.

Fuel vent and fuel access door.

Cowling at prop and oil check door.

Cowl inlet right side.

Cowl inlet left side.

Wheel pant and tire valve door.

Inside view of the wheel pant.

Right quarter view.

South park fan?

Sky Dancer, built by Steven Fisher, Simi Valley, CA. A/W date 6/24/05.

Sky Dancer.

N94399, model SB7L-360A, by Seabird Aviation America, ABQ, NM. A/W date 2/13/07.

N43ML - RV-4 s/n 2936 built by Stanley Lawrence, Sacramento, CA. A/W date 7/9/2004.


RV interior.

N676Q, RV-4, s/n 4213, built by Glen Jackson, Peoria, AZ. A/W date 10/21/02.

Sonex wing step grip tape.

Me and Lila at the end of the day.