Copperstate Fly-In 2008

Held at Casa Grande, AZ. Copperstate fly-in is centered around homebuilt aircraft, but quite a few antiques and later model airplanes show up. They mix the airplanes together in parking and will not group all of a type together. They do have quite a few forums, presentations, vendor areas (Aircraft Spruce, etc.) and homebuilt / LSA aircraft manufacturers, dealers, and kit suppliers show up. For 2008, I was there on October 24.

Scott Casler's Thatcher CX-4. Believe it or not, there are two other of his planes on this site. The Hummel from Sun N Fun in 2000, and he was the buyer for my Sonex 42 parts. My impression is he used the tail and fuselage from 42 to complete his, as he already had the wing done. I asked him in 2008 where "my" old wing was, and he said it was still in Ohio with the guy he sold it to. Man, that wing was about 3 days from being all riveted up!

Casler's CX-4 tailwheel.


CX-4, engine.

CX-4, Scott Casler, far right.

Sun shade in an LSA.

Cockpit, same LSA, not sure of type.

Lila with the CTSW.

Shiny, shiny P-51.

N638PR, Glasair RG. Built by Paul Rensink, Battle Ground, WA. A/W date 1992-07-09.

Inlet, Steve Pettyjohn's Sonex. Note ramp shape of the baffle.

Inlet, same Sonex, left side.

Propeller paint scheme, same Sonex.

Propeller paint scheme, same Sonex.

Jabiru in a Cub replica. Forward cylinder block-off plate.

Cowl inlet, Eric Scheppers' Sonex.

Cowl inlet, same Sonex.

Cowl details, same Sonex.

Under cowl fasteners - quarter turns?

Inlet, Dennis Burton's Sonex.

Left side inlet, same Sonex.

Exhaust outlet, same Sonex. Stack seems a bit short. Note outlet enlarged along aft side.

Exhaust outlet, same Sonex.

Ehxaust, Eric Sheppers' Sonex.

Exhaust, same Sonex.

Ducts on Jabiru engine, Jabiru airframe.

Breather tube, Jabiru engine, Jabiru airframe.

Left side inlet. Note clamp on oil filter for anti-rotation safety wire.