Copperstate Fly-In 2010

Held at Casa Grande, AZ. Copperstate fly-in is centered around homebuilt aircraft, but quite a few antiques and later model airplanes show up. They mix the airplanes together in parking and will not group all of a type together. They do have quite a few forums, presentations, vendor areas (Aircraft Spruce, etc.) and homebuilt / LSA aircraft manufacturers, dealers, and kit suppliers show up. For 2010, I was there on October 23. This was the second time I was able to fly my own Sonex to the show.

MJ5 Sirocco, N5025Y. Looks like a plywood / fabric covered structure.

2003 Giles G202, Lyc IO-360, 200hp. N124AB.

G-meter on the Giles is showing +9, -3. The owner confirmed that there's no trick, it's for real.

Naval B-24, rescued from fire bomber operations. Only about 10 of these ever built. I forget the correct designation, as it's not B-24, but a naval equivalent. One big difference is the Navy didn't need the high-altitude performance so it gets one big single tail instead of the usual twin tail.

Standard Biplane. It had FOUR seats in the front cockpit, and was running rides ALL day long.

1943 B-25, N125AZ. From the Commemorative Air Force in Mesa, AZ.

1944 B-17 (probably a G model), N9323Z, also from the CAF in Mesa.

Waco YMF-5, 1989 model.


Stearman engine.

Long-ez. He ran the exhaust into the wings AROUND the prop. Someone told me he wrapped them in welding blanket, not the usual exhaust wrap, because welding blanket insulates more, even though it is heavier.

Fly baby? Nice metal work.

Cygnet, unfinished project. Parked next to the flying Cygnet that lives at Ryan field. More Cygnets than Sonex this year. This one was for sale, as the original builder has gone west.

Stearman gang, low pass.

Kitfox SLSA, ready to fly, just add money. I bet that back window gets pretty hot. Looks neat sitting there, but I question the usefulness, other than as a hatch to put too much weight into the baggage area.

That same Fly Baby again? Mother of all turnbuckles, right there in front of your face.

Fly baby.

N62DY. I think this is a Dynamic WT-9. Data plate said it was E-AB, but I didn't know they sold this as a kit. I'm also not sure it meets LSA, as it looks very slick sitting there.

Same Dynamic, close-up of the canopy.