Possible Night Lighting Concepts

From discussions on the Sonexbuilders mailing list, these are photos of the Zenith/Zenair CH601 wingtip nav/strobe assemblies. The forward 1/3 or so of the wingtip is a composite molded part. The aft portion is sheetmetal.

I had thought that parts such as these, maybe of fiberglass, could be used to mount lights suitable to meet FAA requirements for night flight, or at least to mount strobe for day visibility.

This is a landing/taxi wing-mounted combination from a tailwheel airplane I saw at Sun-N-Fun '99. I believe it was the Micco airplane. The aim for the landing & taxi lamp housings is quite different.

My experience changing a bunch of cowl-mounted lights in Cessnas, while changing relatively few wing-mounted lights leads me to prefer a wing-mounted light setup. Cowl-mounted lights are subject to much more vibration.