Onex at Oshkosh 2010

Onex was rolled out to the public for the first time at Oshkosh 2010. The roll out was at the factory open house on Sunday, July 25, the day before the main airshow started. Here are some photos I took at the open house, and then later at the show.

Charlie Radford trying it on, about 6'-2". Knee room is the issue. Everywhere else is huge.

Another big guy.

Seems to fit ok.

Wheel pant and gear arrangement. No strut fairings needed. No brake cables yet.

Gear bows out from the fuselage under load. Probably is tight to the bottom in flight. Looks like quite a few less fasteners on the engine mount brackets relative to Sonex, but then again the main gear loads don't go through there.

VW valve covers in the breeze. Horizontally split cowling. No fasteners along the top, but not sure if that's the flight configuration. Also no fuel fill opening yet. They say it will be 14 gallons - under the glare shield seems pretty small for that quantity, but they must have it figured out.

The wing fold. Aileron bellcranks forward of main spar. Pushrod in the fuselage side of the wing is for the aft spar lock pin. The unlock indicator is the little wedge on the top of the wing just forward of the spar. Looked like 0.060" doubler plates on the ribs on each side.

Cockpit. Stick is full forwards here. Flaps on left side. One notch only - up or down. Looks like flap detent (extending forward) might be for a parking brake. No brake handle installed yet.

Can see the torque tube to the elevator pushrod out from the center stick to the right side.

Me trying it on for size.

Plenty of room. Didn't think to check the forward visibility, but it looks about the same or better than in the Sonex.

Full front view.

Front quarter view.

Wings folded. No provisions here for stowing the wings, but it sounds like an aft spar support and something that locks the tips together will be added.

No baffles on the engine yet.

Another folded view.

At the booth. Curved bar on top to represent the canopy bubble.

At the booth.

Side view at the booth.