Oshkosh Airventure Fly-In 2010-2

More photos from Oshkosh 2010.

Museum, air racing and aerobatics gallery.

Remnants of an odd project, suspended above one of the older era galleries.

Well, we all know what this is. One of several Spirit of St. Louis replicas, not counting the original in the NASM in DC. The diorama of Paris is really nice.

More of the older era gallery.

Homebuilt / Rutan gallery.

One of the early flying cars. I believe this one was actually certified. Nothing like burning up real (expensive) airplane engine time putting around on the ground.

Ok, so NASM has the original, but it doesn't cycle the wing like the EAA's replica.

Pretty good replica - pulled from the original molds.

Up in the new founder's gallery, the map with chapter patches. I'm part of chapter 81 today, the one with the tombstone shape.

The overall U.S. chapter map display. Nice how that BARF patch really stands out.

A few of the museum's aircraft, pulled out of the hangar (hangar was configuring for an event). Taken from the tower replica in the children's wing. Very nice area and displays for kids.

Close-up view of their P-38.

Maybe about 1/2 scale F-22 replica in the children's area. Kids can get in the cockpit and play with the switches and see the lights. Also a little hydraulic controls demo under the wing.

Had to do some digital tweaking to this photo - in a very dim area, 1/8 second hand-held exposure. Amazing what the camera really picked up. The raw photo is almost completely dark.

I believe this is a Bugatti. Well, Bug engines anyway. It was hanging in the west atrium when we were there 5 years prior. Much restoration, but not enough parts or money to make it flyable. 2 props because it is twin engine, with one drive shaft down either side of the cockpit.

Here we are on Monday, the first day of the show.

The Icon on its trailer. Pushing the boundaries of what "trailerable" really means. This is way too large and expensive an item to be driving around on the highway.