Oshkosh Airventure Fly-In 2005 - Sonex

This page contains the Sonex-related photos and items from Oshkosh 2005. There is more beyond SS1 and Sonex, but it's on an old computer and I haven't copied it from there yet.

The Sonex factory Sport Trainer interior. We tried this on for size and found the center controls rather intrusive. Plus when solo, you can't take advantage of extra open room in the center.

The Sonex factory Sport Trainer.

N132PL, built by Sam Pavel, Carbondale, IL. A/W date 10/19/03.


N173CP, built by Martin Smiltneek. S/N 173, A/W date 12/17/03. Articulated tailwheel linkage. Probably more complicated than it needs to be, as the to-print single-piece link has been working fine on my plane. I don't think there is really much vertical displacement to the tailwheel, but nice craftsmanship. I believe he said the stars on the rudder are placed there by every child he takes for a ride.

N173CP interior.

N173CP paint.

N173CP cowl. Faired in oil and fuel doors into the fiberglass, plus flush latches.

The Sonex factory Xenos. I believe this one is all flush riveted.

Tail of the Xenos.

There were multiple airframes in process in the factory hangar. This is the elevator pushrod idler configured for the lowered seat mod. Note the scallop in the seat support angle - I don't recall that being on the print.

Another view - elevator pushrod idler for lowered seat.

Sport trainer center controls installation in progress.

Install everything below the fuel tank before the tank and glare shield goes in.

Another one in progress with the tank fitted.

Cowl outlet - the newest style cowling with the all-metal outlet duct.

Landing light in process.

Tail dragger brake cable arrangement.

Battery box anchored to the engine mount tube (not in the print like this).

The legendary Sonex on Floats. I believe this is prototype number 1 reconfigured this way, originally built ~1998.

Interior of N35SX, built by Wayne Andrews, Staley, NC, S/N 35, A/W date 8/24/02.


Moni in an EAA display of historic homebuilts.