Sonex at Oshkosh 2000

Aerovee engine conversion by Sonex. Aerovee pictures by Ed Palmer. 8/3/00

Fuel gascolator installation, VW-powered Sonex. 7/29/00

VW engine installation. Note oil separator on firewall with return-to-sump tube. Note no oil cooler; ducting under oil sump. This engine sounded very nice - a "real airplane engine" sound, not how I'd heard VW's before. 7/29/00

VW engine installation. Breather tube over top of engine. Note cylinder ducting similar to Jabiru (cowling is not used to contain cylinder cooling air). 7/29/00

Nosewheel steering detail, VW engine. 7/29/00

Battery box. 7/29/00

Difficult to tell here - breather outlet may be over top of exhaust. 7/29/00

Sonex display at Oshkosh. Also had George Rotter's airplane (#4?) at Nuvite booth. His is Jabiru 2200 powered, standard gear, center stick. Has not flown yet. These two are the Jabiru 3300 powered standard gear and the VW powered tri-gear. Both have dual sticks. The 3300 ship was previously flown & shown with Jabiru 2200 and center stick. 7/29/00

(as I wipe the dust off the monitor) This might show something of how the brake lever fits around the wheel pant. They are running those small aircraft tires here, not the go-cart slicks from Great Plains. These tires fit tight inside the wheel pants. 7/29/00