Oshkosh Airventure Fly-In 2005

This was the second time I got to go to Oshkosh. Since the first time, I had gotten married, and Carol wanted to make the trip as well. Significant events were being able to make the Sonex open house, where we saw they had much more square footage of hangar space than in 2000, and the arrival of White Knight and Space Ship One. We camped in a tent in camp Scholler, across from the South African row. They have a permanent gear shed at the end of their row. When we arrived, they had not gotten there yet, and we wondered why a row was empty. Late one night, we found out. Obviously still on another time zone, they set up camp all through the night. Pretty friendly bunch, and it's impressive that they're willing to travel so far.

No, I didn't only take photos of SS1, but I haven't been able to locate the folder with all of the other photos. So for now, there is this plus the Sonex-specific photos.