Sherwood Ranger - Getting Started

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August-September, 2010

Cast about online looking for another airplane project. Become fascinated with biplanes. Consider designing my own, but I found one that seems to be what I was looking for. Relatively modern / recent design, intended for LSA or something similar, two-place. The fact that it's not welded steel but riveted aluminum framework fits well with my experience. The folding wing is a bonus; I wasn't looking for that.

A few numbers:

Gross Weight = 1000 lbs; Empty Weight = 500 lbs

Wing Area = 168 sq. ft.; Fuel = 11 gallons

Full fuel payload = 434 lbs; Span = 26 feet

Length = 19 feet 4 inches (scaled from a drawing)

Height = 7 feet, 6 inches; Engines = Rotax 582 (65hp); Jabiru 2200 (85hp)

Seats = 2; Featuring quick-fold wings for storage (not intended for every-flight road transport). Width with wings folded = 7 feet, 6.5 inches

Tail width = 7 feet, 6.5 inches

Stall speed = 38 mph; Vne = 100 mph

Here it is with a Rotax 582.

That "V" strut on the inboard end of the wing that looks like it is blocking nearly all access to the forward cockpit is only for stability when folding the wings. Those are not in place for flight.

I plan to build it with the Jabiru 2200 as seen here. Their cowling exposes the valve covers. I am familiar with the Jabiru having owned and operated a 3300 for 2+ years on my Sonex. Plus it's 20 more hp than the Rotax.

9/27 - 10/1/10 - Contact the company

Exchanged email with Paul at G-TLAC with various questions about the product. If I decide not to proceed, at least they have some ideas of info they could add to their website so I wouldn't have to ask.

10/10/10 - Builder Agreement

Signed and returned their builder agreement. Much simpler than Sonex. I guess they don't have quite the legal problems that we do.

10/19/10 - Pay for plans

Heard back from G-TLAC that they got the agreement, and they sent info on how to pay for plans. Man, we couldn't have done this a few years ago. Paypal to the rescue. Now, if the dollar would just hold up a little better...

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