Sherwood Ranger - Making Parts - 10

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4/22/11 - bending thinner stock (.025, .032, .040, .050, .063)

1 1/2 hr (of work) - bent all the remaining parts I could identify as needing to be bent. Got access to a 4-foot brake via a member of the local EAA chapter, and cranked them out. See below.

Small part in the brake. Strip of scrap over the clamp-down bar to create a larger radius. Didn't use this on the long, thinner parts, as the smaller radius was good for those.

Did the .040 and .050 foot rests towards the end. Did the channels for the tail last.

Long channels done, ready to pack it up.

Back at home base - smaller parts, 25 of them.

The cockpit floor boards.

Tail channels, 9 of them.

Two tapered U channel parts for the upper end of the landing gear.

4/24/11 - steel parts

1/2 hr - deburred more of the steel parts.

4/25/11 - .250 part

1/2 hr - opened the slots in the forward seat belt attach plate. Tried out HF dremel-like tool - no torque at all. The cutting disk just bogged down. So I got out the old one and sliced the string of holes open, then filed for a while, but it's getting hot out there.

4/26/11 - .250 part

1/4 hr - rounded the edges of the slots in the seat belt attach plate with a sanding drum on the dremel, then rounded the ends of the slots with a round file.

First saw this on the plans I thought, .250 - bandsaw? drill press? No way. Building an airplane is just a million little things that seem impossible if you try to envision the finished product all at once.

4/26/11 - steel parts

1/2 hr - cut the remainder of the 1" dia. stock. Got the two tailwheel mount parts plus 2 of the 4 aft main gear leg attach parts. The overall length of the 1" steel that I ordered is about 3" too short to finish the parts. Should have ordered another foot. Also started drilling out some rivets in my old spar sample part in order to retrieve some .125 stock for a few more parts I identified. There are some parts in the figures in the build book that aren't in the drawing sheets - wing pins and their support brackets for the main spars, plus the throttle handles and linkage.

4/28/11 - .125 parts

1/4 hr - pulled the two pages from the build book with additional parts. Started laying out the throttle handles at 1" wide, but in scaling parts on this page (not all dimensions given), realized they are actually 3/4" wide. Re-scaled everything from that and realized I didn't have to drill out rivets from an old Sonex part to free up some .125 - that I had a 3/4" wide strip of it from some old angle stock trimmings. So laid out the parts. No cutting or drilling yet.

4/29/11 - .125 parts

1/2 hr - cut out, sanded, scotchbrited, marked, drilled and bent the throttle handles and their travel stop plates.

Reviewing this, I see the small .125 parts also need to be duplicated in .063.

4/30/11 - .063 parts

1/2 hr - scaled up the wing pin retention brackets. There is partial dimensioning on this drawing so I determined it was about 5% undersize and worked out the rest of the dimensions from there

1/2 hr - laid out the 12 brackets on this page, cut them out on the bandsaw, sanded and scotchbrited the edges. Will lay out the holes and bends later.

5/1/11 - .063 parts

3/4 hr - Laid out the bend lines, holes, radiused corners. Cut and sanded the radiused corners.

5/2/11 - .063 parts

1/2 hr - bent 8 of the 12 brackets.

5/3/11 - .063 parts

1 hr - bent the last 4 and started adding holes to the brackets. Cut out one of the throttle handle doubler plates while working on the .063. Realized I had bent the last 4 brackets along the wrong side, so they were too narrow. Laid out the slotted hole anyway, and it looks like plenty of edge distance, so I'll just use them the way they are.

5/6/11 - parts list

1 hr - didn't feel like going out to the garage, so spent time looking through the parts list more closely with the drawings to evaluate what parts require mill/lathe type capabilities. I had made a quick pass through the list a few days ago without looking at the drawings, but it needed a more thorough look. I plan on asking the local chapter for help with this first, then if that doesn't pan out, ask for help on something with a wider distribution.

5/7/11 - steel, .063 parts.

1 1/2 hr - got a good chunk of time to knock off some things on the short-term list. Finished the wing pin support brackets. Cut the racetrack shaped holes in these. Finished deburring the small diameter steel tubes I had cut, and cut several of the ~1/4" long tubes. Deburred one to show myself I could hold it to the grinding wheel and not lose it. Finished the 1" dia. holes in various aileron brackets.

Perspective in this photo - both the badge-shaped and 4-pointed shapes have the same 1-inch diameter hole in them.

5/9/11 - misc

1/2 hr - shop clean up and laid out all the parts to date for a photo.

5/10/11 - .050 parts

1/2 hr - marked and drilled holes in forward fuselage channel parts and a couple of other small rectangular parts that go in the fuselage.

5/12/11 - .063 parts

1 hr - made up forward rudder pedal support brackets. Perimeters cut, holes drilled. Just need to put the bend on them. Feels like it's getting close to needing more material to keep busy (tubes?).

5/13/11 - .063 parts

1/2 hr - bent up the rudder pedal support brackets.

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