Sherwood Ranger - Making Parts - 5

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1/28/11 - .050 parts

1/2 hr - drilled a few more parts.

1/29/11 - .063 parts

1/2 hr - drilled some parts; made a paper pattern for 5 degree bend and bent the 4 parts calling for that angle.

Finally, a photo of me doing something.

Not an action shot, but it's definitely me surrounded by parts as seen in the other photos.

1/30/11 - .050, .063 parts

1/2 hr - drilled the .063 parts that I bent, and did the final bandsaw trimming on about a dozen more .050 parts to give me a few more days' worth of sanding / scotchbriting / marking / drilling.

The bent plates with the holes drilled.

A few more .050 parts to finish off over the next few days.

2/2/11 - .125 parts

1 hr - did the final bandsaw trimming on 8 more .125 parts. Not too many of those left to final trim.

.125 parts from 2/2, plus the 4th of the larger plates was still over on the saw.

2/4/11 - .050 parts

1/2 hr - Finished sanding/scotchbriting on a few more .050 parts.

2/5/11 - .050, .125 parts

1 hr - in two fairly solid 1/2 hr blocks, finished bandsaw cutting on several more .125 and .050 parts. Only a couple more .125 parts left for the bandsaw, but a bunch of the simple rectangle .050 parts need to be trimmed down to size.

2/5/11 bandsaw production, but what's not shown here are a few more that got sanded / scotchbrited.

2/6/11 - .050, .125 parts

1 hr - mostly bandsaw finishing, but then the blade broke, so more misc. sanding, scotchbriting, marking and drilling.

2/8/11 - .125 parts

1 1/2 hr - using the oscillating spindle sander, cranked out nearly all of the inside radiused curves, mostly on .125 parts. I had one .250 part that was ready, and a few .050 and .063 parts, but by far, the inside radiused curves are on the .125 parts. Now there's a lot of marking and drilling to finish off.

These are the ones where the outer edges are finished. Looks like 24 parts there.

These got the inside curves along the outer edges finished, but there is still more edge finishing to go. 8 more parts here.

2/9/11 - .125 parts

1/2 hr - finished edges on 5 of the 8 .125 parts, center punched a few to mark hole locations, and got 3 more drilled and deburred (plus the pattern part = 4 more to the done box.

1/2 hr - drilled more of the .125 parts. 8-10 more done + drilled one .063 part.

2/11/11 - .050, .063 parts

1/2 hr - drilled a few more .050 & .063 parts.

Laid out most of the parts on the table both to see where the whole done box has gotten to, but also to separate them by airframe section (wing/tail/gear/fuselage). There's a bunch of rectangles that need finishing, and a few of these also get hole patterns. 77 hours to this point, with 28.5 of that printing plans and making the parts list and hardware list spreadsheets.

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