Sherwood Ranger - Making Parts - 7

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3/8/11 - .025, .032 parts

1.5 hr - plans call for something a little thinner here - .018 and .022 and .028, so since I have the .025 and .032, I just rounded up. If it causes a problem later, I'll order some of the exact stuff, but these look like little control surface ribs, mostly.

Still have a little trimming to do on the end of this one, plus a few holes.

3/9/11 - .025, .032 parts

1/2 hr - made a few more .025 and .032 parts - little strips that are diagonal reinforcements in the tail, a couple of tail gussets, and marked the hole locations on the channel piece above.

1/2 hr - cut out one .188 dogbone. Cleaned up some. Finished cutting one of the narrow strips mentioned above.

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