Sherwood Ranger - Wing - 1

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3/7/12 - Wing rib prints

1/2 hr - could not progress on the machined parts this week, so struck out into the wing. First challenge - get the who-knows-what scale .pdf for the wing ribs blown up to actual size. The wing rib .pdf (drawing sheet 13) was provided as 3 different .pdf files - a smaller scale version with the entire sheet, and two larger scale half-sheet views split more or less down the middle. I printed the larger scale ones on 11x17, then measured one of the lightening holes. Determined it would need to be scaled up by 222%. So multiplied by 150%, since I know the copier can do that, then divided the final desired size by the 150% number and got 148%. So one enlarge to 150%, and a second enlarge of 148% more would result in the final size needed. Did that. Later, pieced the 11x17 pages together to give the full-size rib print. Still need to cut out each rib for tracing. My plan is to lay out each rib on .025 for good dimensional stability and repeatability. Then the paper can go away.

3/8/12 - Wing rib patterns

1 hr - cut out the taped-together wing rib prints.

Takes a while to cut these out.

Top one is the innermost rib, angled slightly for the wing sweep. Second one is the pattern for the inboard ribs. Note multiple hole locations in the aft half of the rib due to the diagonal drag strut inside the wing. Next one is for out by the ailerons. Bottom one is for the center section over the forward cockpit. There are two more patterns - a different one for another center section rib, and yet another one for ribs either side of the ailerons.

A center section rib, the rib for either side of the ailerons (I think), and the aileron ribs.

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