Sherwood Ranger - Engine - 2

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5/14/11 - Placeholder for cowling installation.

10/24/11 - Cowling ideas.

At Copperstate on 10/21/11, I took photos of cowlings and cable attach hardware. I have been considering something like this, but with the Jabiru 2200.

Another idea I ran across the day after Copperstate would be to make a Tiger Moth style cowling and run a Geo / Suzuki inline 4-cylinder engine. I don't know how the Fisher R80 Tiger Moth replica is sized as far as FWF weight goes, but a quick look I found a Lycoming 235-powered example, a C-90, as well as these Geo / Suzukis.

Too bad I figured this out now, as I stepped into the forum tent just as the Raven (Geo / Suzuki) redrive guy was just finishing up. Oh well. That will give me a reason to get up there next year, even if I'm driving.

Their 90hp engine kit is ~$3500-3600 + the donor engine. I'll check into what the donor engines typically sell for, but a 90hp FWF for ~$5k, even though it is 36 lbs heavier than the Jabiru 2200, sure is tempting for $10k less.

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