Sonex* First Year

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This is the result of the first year of construction. Really only about 10.5 months, as my pace decreased with better weather in the spring, and stopped almost completely for the last month or so. Anyway, it's a good amount to get done in a year, I think.

Heaping pile of wing parts. 7/20/00

Box of fuselage-related bits. Flap and brake handles, battery box, canopy hinge, latch, and trim pieces. 7/20/00

Boxes of wing bits. Pitot/static assembly, various spar angles, aileron bellcranks, cover plates, wing rib spacers. 7/20/00

Control surface-o-rama. It's all there - flaps, ailerons, elevators, rudder, horizontal stabilizer. 7/20/00

Vertical tail. 7/20/00

Somewhere in that stack are all of the wing skins - laid out, cut to size, pilot drilled. 7/20/00

Fuselage. Aft 3 bays of turtledeck have the full Nuvite treatment, next to most aft bay of fuselage side is partially Nuvite polished. 7/20/00

Other side of fuselage. Bottom skin and upper firewall stacked inside. Glare shield still mostly covered with the white protective plastic film. 7/20/00