Sonex 815 - Continuing the Kitlog - 10

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7/6/10 - Flight 146

0.4 flight time, 1 ldg. Out to SW of ultralight field. 2 rolls to the left, heading SW (away from the sun). 1 roll on return (into the sun). Sun pretty much disappears with roll into sun anyway. Pull up hides it, then fall through covers it when inverted. Not busy at the airport. ~6 gallons indicated after the flight. Showed + 2.5 to + 0.5 on the g-meter.

7/7/10 - Flight 147

0.4 flight time, 7 ldg. Quick patterns, very early. Nobody else out. Scattered clouds! ~78F OAT. Light wind from SE. All power off landings. Tried 70 mph indicated on the approach. Stable, but not much energy for flare (end up at 60-65 over the runway). Prefer 80 in the approach end of the pattern, then 70-75 over the runway for increased control authority to plant the landing. Indicated ~6.5 gallons on start up, ~5 on shut down.

7/8/10 - Flight 148

0.4 flight time, 6 ldg. Trying short field takeoffs and landings per info in this month's Sport Aviation magazine. One pilot in there said that 2 seconds after the tail comes up, can rotate and get wheels up into ground effect. Not quite with this plane, but close. As soon as the airspeed is alive, can drop tail a little to pop up into ground effect. So was leaving the ground at about 45 indicated, 10 degrees flaps. It very quickly accelerates to about 80. All power off approaches at slow speeds (80 and below). Trying to hit the spot. No wind.

7/18/10 - Fuel System, Replace bolt on tank strap.

I had originally used a piece of allthread on the fuel tank strap, as I couldn't figure a way to crank the strap down enough to get the print-specified AN3 bolt in there. Maybe a month ago, someone mentioned tying the strap halfs together with safety wire, then putting the bolt through. I decided to give that a try, but to put the safety wire on with the allthread already holding the straps where I wanted them. Got the safety wire in. Almost couldn't get the allthread out, as the safety wire blocked access with a box end wrench. But using the open ends, I got it loose enough to get the box ends in there. Then about 100 quarter-turns later (turn a little, reposition wrench, turn a little), I got the allthread out of there. Then the AN3 bolt slipped right in. Even got the washers on it that I wanted. Tightened it down. Still need to remove the safety wire, but I didn't have the right cutter for that. Not replacing the allthread on the forward strap, as the front end of the tank is mostly supported by the fuselage cross beam, so that strap will never see much load. Plus getting to that one is an expedition in removing the sticks, laying down under the panel upside down, working overhead, etc....

7/31/10 - Flight 149

0.6 flight time, 1 ldg. Indicating 3.5 gallons on start up, so went to the fuel pump and added 5 gallons. Plan was to go to KCGZ for the pancake breakfast. Conditions not so great with rain in the area. Took off, headed on course, climbed to 4500' MSL. Got about 1/3 of the way there (just south of Picacho) and saw rain ahead - not sure if that was between me and KCGZ or if it covered the area all the way there. Turned back SE and went down to the new I-10 exit and gave that a look over. Rivers flowing full today due to rain over the past few days. Returned to the airport and landed. Still a good amount of traffic for a crummy Saturday morning. Returned home, where it started raining less than an hour later.

8/1/10 - Flight 150

0.6 flight time, 1 ldg. To Casa Grande for fuel. Overcast above, winds near calm, smooth air. Lots of planes practicing approaches (both directions!).

8/1/10 - Flight 151

0.7 flight time, 1 ldg. Return from Casa Grande. When I departed on RWY 5, there was a plane on the localizer back course to 23. He broke off and turned south of the field. I held straight out until I saw him pass by. Pretty busy instrument approach airport for a Sunday morning. Pretty busy back into KAVQ - sometimes I'll do a straight in, but everyone was calling for the cement plant, so I just fell into line. I thought I left PLENTY of space to the Remos ahead, but he lands in about 500 feet, then slowly, slowly makes his way up to the turn off (about 2000' down the field). So I did a quick go around.

8/3/10 - Flight 152

0.5 flight time, 1 ldg. Over to the I-10 project. They finally closed the westbound ramp walls and are filling in from the top. Then went over to the Ultralight Field to see what I could from over there. Calm wind, smooth air, few high clouds - nice! Didn't have the usual camera today, so used an older 3 Mp - so most were out of focus and grainy.

Looking Southwest.

Looking West.

Looking Northwest.