Sonex 815 - Continuing the Kitlog - 12

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9/6/10 - Flight 163

0.5 flight time, 1ldg. Tim was there changing oil this morning so I did an accel in ground effect and pull up to the right. Out past the UL field, did 2 rolls. Return, some traffic in the pattern, so I stayed south and joined downwind. Did a low pass, but Tim was in his plane running the engine and missed it. Then came back around and did a power off approach, rolled out long to taxiway B.

This photo is from the 9/3 flight, but it was taken to show knee room clearance. I'm 6'1", and this panel is built 2" lower than the plans. Still have knee room, even with the slip/skid ball and the mic/phone jacks hung below this lowered panel. Love that 750 fpm at 128 mph closing in on 6000 MSL - probably over 7000 MSL density altitude already.

9/10/10 - Flight 164

0.6 flight time, 1 ldg. Took Dad for a ride. Best flying day in months. Temp about 65F on the ground, lower in the air, but with sun in the canopy, not chilly at all. Went over to the I-10 project, then SW to the UL field, up past the Lightning completion center, up by the glider field, turned east to pass south of Pinal to see the airliners in storage, then returning on descent over I-10 to the cement plant and in. One other plane in the pattern, one in the runup area. Totally smooth air. Misjudged the momentum on landing and rolled out long. Need to practice more with weight in the right seat. It definitely rides nicer on the gear at the higher weight - less bouncy.

Dad took the photos today, using a wider view. Looking SSW.

Looking SW.

Looking WSW. My house is in there somewhere.

The home neighborhood.

Rear center of this shot is KAVQ.

Nice shot looking up to Picacho (pointy little peak towards the RH side).

I-10 fading off to the center distance, it actually curves back to go just to the R of Picacho.

Getting ready to put it away.

9/12/10 - Flight 165

0.5 flight time, 1 ldg. Took Glory for a ride. Out to the UL field, up past the Lightning private field, around SE of the glider field, passed between Pinal and KAVQ over to I-10, cement plant and return. There was a Diamond something making a slow, slow final. They were WAY high on short final, so I thought they would do a go-around. But they didn't so I did a left 360 on final (I know, not the best place, but there was nobody else in the pattern) to give good spacing. Landed just fine, then Dad took Glory home.

Pulling off the canopy cover for another day.

Glory starting to get in.

Almost all set to go.

I took these between flights, while Dad took Glory home and brought Carol back.

Camera on the phone works pretty good, but it's not very quick and with the touch screen, there's no button to press, so it probably wouldn't do very well in flight.

9/12/10 - Flight 166

0.6 flight time, 1 ldg. Dad came back with Carol, while Glory stayed with the kids. Took Carol for essentially the same ride, but on the way back, went a little past the cement plant to show her the new I-10 exit, then return. Bill with the Turbine Bonanza was in the runup area when I came back, and someone who knows him was in an R-44 air-taxiing up A out towards the runup. Anyway, still pretty smooth air. On return, the Cherokee in the pattern in front of me was making such a huge pattern I really thought they were departing the pattern to the NW, as so many do, but then they called TURNING BASE. So I slowed way down, and extended, extended downwind to give them room.

Carol getting ready for her ride.

Almost ready to go again.

Starting to put them back away.

That there is an RV-4. The Barenaked Metal Squadron.

9/16/10 - Flight 167 - possible voltage reg issue

0.3 flight time, 3 ldg. First two landings did power off, full flaps (flaps 30). Usually only use flaps 20. The forward pitch of the full flaps makes sticking wheel landings easy, as it requires back pressure even with full back trim. The run-up was normal, then on downwind, noticed the tach reading 6000-8000 rpm. 2nd pattern, I notice the alt CB is blown. Then, checking voltage on the radio I see ~12.2 V. Right about then, the low voltage light comes on. So I turned off the GPS and transponder, flipped the master switch from ALT to Batt only (though this doesn't do anything with the ALT CB pulled). Made the 3rd landing a normal landing. On the taxiway, I punched in the ALT cb, and switched the master switch back to alt. I ran up the power a little and saw the voltage go up on the radio, but I didn't want to pick up enough speed on the taxiway to blow the CB again. Will need to research how to check what might have failed, and what voltage regulator I might be able to get for this. I was going to change the wiring for THIS part of the circuit from Z-20 to Z-16 because it's better to kill the AC side than the DC side when the regulator runs away.

9/18/10 - Flight 168 and Start 2nd Annual

0.2 flight time, 2 ldg. Just 2x around the pattern to warm it up for the annual inspection. Checked the voltage regulator (brought the alt online), and no problems, so maybe it was either a nuisance trip, or the regulator fails slowly, or only fails when really hot. Not sure. Will order another one, but no replacement now. After the quick patterns, returned, pulled the cowling. Drained the oil. Did the compression check - #1 79/80; #2 79/80; #3 77/80; #4 80/80; #5 79/80; #6 78/80. All excellent. Changed the oil filter, then pulled out all of the plugs for a look. Looks like it's running rich (all black), but running the EGT's per the Jabiru manual (<1356 cruise) is probably a little rich. I need to try leaning to roughness or peak and setting from peak, not just to the book. Was going to start torquing the heads, but ran out of time. Covered the canopy and put the tools away to go to the EAA chapter meeting. Should be able to get more done tomorrow.

9/19/10 - Annual, Continued

Started on the left wing. Cleaned the bugs off the leading edge, then the upper surface. Pulled off the inspection plate and found the jam nut for the long ail prod loose. Found it like this last year, so added some blue loctite this time and closed it back up. Checked the control surface ends of the aileron and flap pushrods. Moved to the RH wing, same thing, but nothing found loose to tighten. Then moved to the RH side of the tail. Pulled the inspection cover, found the elev prod ok. Small crack in the skin below the RH rudder cable exit point. Noted that, for addition of a doubler at some point. The crack is from the edge of the skin all the way to the rudder cable hole. so there is nowhere else for it to go. Moved to the LH tail. Pulled the upper cover (between vert & horz stabs) to check the vert and h-stab attach bolts. All good. Pulled out the seat, checked all connections for the spars and controls there. Checked radios & instruments secure to the panel. Vacuumed out the bottom of the fuselage, cleaned the seat. Moved back to the engine, and torqued the LH heads, valve covers, and plugs. Torqued the RH plugs and called it a day. Still need to do the RH heads and the prop, and the various other items to check in the engine area. Also want to add some clickbond cable tie anchors under the panel, but realized these were at home.

Typical spark plug. Looks rich, but that's running per the EGT's called out in the manual.

Skin crack. Fortunately there's that big rudder cable hole there to stop it. Or maybe the presence of the rudder cable hole is what allowed it to start...