Sonex 815 - Continuing the Kitlog - 15

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10/23/10 - Flight 177 - To Copperstate

0.7 up, 1 ldg. Pretty casual coming in. Found the approach point, listened to the traffic, joined the line, made radio calls, no big deal. Seemed maybe a little close on short final, as the guy in front tried for the first turn off and they told him to continue to midfield, so he's taxiing on down the runway while I'm on short final. But he turned off just as I touched down. Then the fuel truck pulled up right as I was tying down. Great! Just what I was going to look for. So that worked out well. See my Copperstate photos under Aircraft and Shows, Copperst. 2010.

10/23/10 - Flight 178 - From Copperstate

0.5 flight time, 1 ldg. Taxi out was very quick, nobody in front of me in line. Only had to wait for a low pass (L-39) and cleared right out. Nice day, ran into quite a few people I knew or had met before - mostly Sonex related, but I also ran into a couple of people from my row of hangars at KAVQ. I put the forsale signs on the plane, but no calls.

10/29/10 - Flight 179

0.5 flight time, 1 ldg. Wind 110 at 14 G 19. So a little bumpy down low. Went over to the I-10 project for some photos, then circled my house a few times. The back yard was in shadow, so I couldn't see that anyone was out there, but they were. Then went over to the UL field and took a few photos of it. Noticed the alt CB popped, so reset it, and it popped again. So turned off the GPS and went back to the airport. Just as I was landing, the low voltage light would come on when I transmitted. Anyway, that weird diesel Diamond twin was making its airliner-size patterns. Very short landing for me due to the headwind. Did a wheel landing, deceled below flying speed, put the tail down and held it, then added throttle to make it up to the first turn off. Ok, so it's probably 3000' to the first turn off, but this landing was well under 1000'.

10/31/10 - Flight 180

0.7 flight time, 4 ldg. Steven Nerby, intro to Sonex flight. Steve is building a Sonex here in Tucson. Did some steep turns, slow flight, then returned for a few landings. Did 3 power off, 1 normal approach to fit in with the other traffic. Did wheel landings for all 4. It was good to practice power offs w/ the other seat filled, as the descent rate is different. Very calm day, excellent visibility (after all the gusty winds of the past 2 days).

11/7/10 - Flight 181

0.5 flight time, 4 ldg. Went over to the I-10 project - next weekend is a "bike and walk" event on the road before it opens to traffic. So this is about the last time that it will be unoccupied. Circled my house once, then returned to the pattern. Did 3 power off approaches, then the last one normal (with some power). Wind 100 at 8. Temp 14C. On the "go" part of the touch and goes, was seeing 1700 fpm at 95-100 mph. So I wasn't really trying for best rate (a bit slower), and the nose angle was quite high even at this speed. The engine LIKES the colder air. The alt CB is still nuisance popping, so I need to see what wire to cut to stop it.

It was pretty early. Low light, so longer exposures from the camera. Didn't get many that were very sharp focus.

My house. (From the 10/28 flight)

WWII field about 5 miles west of KAVQ, just south of Avra Valley Rd. (From 10/28)

Mountains on the west side of Tucson, from the west side. (From 10/28)

Ultralight field, about 10 NW of KRYN, 10 SW of KAVQ.

A few photos of my plane after the 11/7 flight. Tim, whose RV-4 shares my hangar, is putting his plane for sale. He's turning 70, and has decided not to go for the next medical. As such, he has also decided to turn his airplane back into a pile of money. Tom, who bought Tim's RV-3, (and also has the hangar that backs up to this mine on the next row), would like to buy Tim's RV-4, but he needs to sell the -3 first. He also has a Glastar Sportsman he needs to sell. If it works out, maybe the -4 will stay just where it is, and only the name on the registration changes.