Sonex 815 - Continuing the Kitlog - 16

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11/13/10 - Flight 182

0.4 flight time, 3 ldg. Went over by the I-10 project - it's "open house" day where the public is riding bikes and walking the new bridge and intersection. Also took a few photos of the shopping center where the events are centered. Back to the pattern for 2 quick power off patterns, then 2 other planes were coming in, so the 3rd landing was a larger pattern. There is an aerobatics contest at the airport this weekend. They were getting ready, but had not started putting planes into the aerobatic box about 1 mile south of the airport yet.

Police vehicles in the intersections.

Those little shadows are bicyclists on the road. Looks a lot more real with the stripes on the road.

Shopping center where there were vendors and ceremonies.

Back at the airport, some of the aerobatic planes.

11/26/10 - Flight 183

0.4 flight time, 2ldg. -2C reported on takeoff, engine started right up. Over to the I-10 project - project is over, so today's photos are the road in service. I was among the first to drive it, arriving 5 minutes after opening at 6am last Friday. Then circled the house once, and out west for a few steep turns / lazy 8's. Then back to the pattern. The incomprehensible Diamond was calling into the pattern somewhere. Found him on the ground taxiing out. Apparrently he was doing full-stop and taxi back patterns. I did a power off touch & go. Saw nearly 2000 fpm on departure, though it was a bit of a "zoom" pull up. Made the pattern large, but obviously not large enough for that super slow-mo extra-big-pattern Diamond. I did 2 360's on downwind, and still that wasn't quite enough. I bet half my flight today was that one pattern, hanging out behind the Diamond. So normal landing and taxi back. Added 9gals before the flight.

11/27/10 - Flight 184

0.6 flight time, 3 ldg. Norman Radke - intro flight. Turns R&L, slow flight w/ turns R&L. Landings (demo only) - 1 power off, then to follow the C-172 in the pattern, two "stretched" patterns. Then the guy with the Diamond showed up, so I called it a full stop. Norm is building a Waiex down at KRYN. He also owns a Tri-Pacer (disassembled) and a Vari-eze (flying) and a Skipper (flying). He's building the Waiex for his son, who will base it in the Sacramento area. I think he's about 95% sold on the 3300 Jabiru at this point, but I gave him John Davis' contact info about the UL engine. Norm also owned a Twin Comanche at one point, and has known John Monnett for many years.