Sonex 815 - Continuing the Kitlog - 19

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6/12/11 - Paint!

I intentionally skipped logs 17 and 18 to go back and fill these in later, as there have been quite a few flights. On 6/3, I removed the horizontal and vertical stabilizers, wheel pants, and pulled off the cowling to have them painted. Got the parts back on 6/10. On 6/11, I got the stabilizers reinstalled. Still need to close up the tail fairing parts and re-rivet the very bottom segment of the rudder hinge (I couldn't get the rudder hinge pin out, and there's only 12 rivets holding the bottom of the rudder hinge to the fuselage).

Can't wait to get it all out in the sun for a look.

6/13/11 - Exhaust

Spent a little time sealing the exhaust. Cut off the thermal wrap, which does burn away in the areas where exhaust is blasting it, so it's probably not a good idea to think of this as an exhaust sealer (though I believe some people do). Pulled off the exhaust springs and the outlet pipes. Filled these with a flue cement.

6/14/11 - Exhaust, cowling fasteners

Reinstalled exhaust wrap over the ceramic-covered joints, mostly for looks. Installed the quarter-turn fasteners into the cowling.

6/15/11 - Tail fairings, cowling

Reinstalled the tail fairings between the horizontal and vertical stabilizers. Put the cowling back on. That long, curved bottom hinge pin was a bear, but I believe there's still a little primer on the very tip (that I had to push through the entire length of hinge) from the paint job. But I got it in there.

After all that, there was a smudge on the camera lens, so these photos are a little washed out for focus and color.