Sonex 815 - Continuing the Kitlog - 3

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3/5/10 Flights 119 / 120 - Cactus Fly-in

To Casa Grande & return for the antique airplane show (Cactus fly-in). 0.6 out, 1 ldg. 0.5 return, 1 ldg. Installed the clock on its panel bracket prior to departure. Very bumpy on the way back (around 1pm). The engine still acted as if it was getting too lean on the way up. On the way back, mixture seemed more controlled, but it was so bumpy it was hard to tell, as I allowed the plane to make a gradual descent most of the way back. I had not been to the show on Friday before, and the typical "warbirds row" was pretty empty. I don't know if those only show up on Saturday, or if people aren't making such costly flights this year. I spoke with Mr. Hobbs from the Lightning build center about 10 miles west of my home airport. He said it was fine for me to bring my plane over there to see their operation (they have a private runway). I wasn't with my plane the whole time, but while I was there, a bunch of people stopped by with questions and to talk. A few were Sonex builders.

Panel - taken at the fly-in.

Panel - back at home base.

New stuff - clock on bracket at top, passenger intercom jacks moved to below the panel, g-meter in the RH panel.

Here's some stuff that won't make the Kitlog - Cactus Fly-in photos:

Now THAT'S a panel

Exterior, same plane.

1936 Luscombe Phantom. Only one flying.