Sonex 815 - Continuing the Kitlog - 7

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5/16/10 Flight 134

1.1 flight time, 2 ldg. To KCGZ and return. Refueled at KCGZ after 0.6 flight time. Added 9 gallons at 3.99. Takeoff indicated ~7.5 gallons on board. I guess when I thought I had 11 after the previous flight I was looking in a non-level position. Calm winds. Jumpers at Pinal. EGT rises on _descent_ - not in level flight. Was holding at 1330-1350. OAT 71F at altitude. Oil steady at 210. Flying air/oil cooled is SO about balancing all these temperatures, though it seems like this is pretty well dialed in. Need to determine when I can make a run to Silver City, NM, as a check-out for potentially flying all the way to Oshkosh this year. No wind at altitude. Indicating ~144 mph @ 2900-2950 rpm. Need to get the wheel pants on there to get ~150 mph.

5/22/10 Flight 135

0.6 flight time, 1 ldg. Over to the I-10 project for an update, then out west to try photos during rolls. Did 3 rolls to the left. After the first one, smelled some sort of smoke. It did not continue. After return, determined the prop had contacted the cowling. I have below minimum recommended clearance there, and will sand down the cowling some to improve this clearance. While waiting to meet Marv, I started to install the flap gap seals. Got part way done, but had forgot my drill and borrowed Tim's drill. Will need to take the flap loose from the pushrod to get to the most forward two holes. Then gave Marv a tour of the plane. He built a Factory Five Cobra, and knows Bud Keil (another Cobra builder who I took for a ride). He had not seen a Sonex other than in photos, just got his PP ASEL, and is buying a C-150 this week to have something to fly. He seemed to think the Sonex would meet what he is looking for. I'll see if I can arrange a ride for him later, but I didn't have a 2nd headset today and had already done my flight earlier.

I-10 project, 2 weeks after last photos.

Middle of the aileron roll.

Just before the middle of the roll.

5/26/10 Flap Gap Fairings

Finished installing the flap gap fairings, yes! Stopped by on the way to work with the trunk loaded with tools and fasteners. Ended up taking loose the flap to pushrod attachments to access the forward two rivets on each side. At last those parts are in the right place. Installed them upside-down relative to the plans, as seen on someone else's plane to hide the attaching flange.

Left side - gap closes with light load.

RH side - wider gap - difference in the torque tube wind-up.

Again, light load closes it right up.

5/27/10 Flight 136

0.4, 5 ldg. Quick patterns. First flight with the flap gap seals. Seems a little slicker, but didn't quantify. A little longer to slow down on downwind.

5/27/10 Wheel Pants - Tire Valve Access Door

Finished off the RH wheel pant access door. The 1" dia. hole with press-in cover plate that everyone else uses would be MUCH easier, but I just had this idea that I need to get a finger or two in there to align the valve extender with the valve, since the tubes I have seem to put the valve tight against the rim. This valve position isn't easy to just attach the extension.

Clamped for bonding the hinge to the inside.

Outside view. Painted, this should blend right in.

Door opens wide, no hinge in the way.

5/28/10 Wheel Pants - LH Pant Access Door

Finally cut the opening for the LH wheel pant door. Not as bad as I remembered. Started carving out the door itself. Trim a little, check fit. Trim a little more, check fit.

LH door in the opening.

View through the door opening, similar to the other side.

5/29/10 Flight 137

0.6 flight time, 3 ldg. Went out SW to 7500' MSL (about 5500 AGL), did one spin entry to the left. A trial to see if I could run it w/o throttle in order to hold the camera. Didn't let the spin wind up, ended up being about 1/2 turn. Was maneuvering back to position to try again and the engine had the burbles. Probably just sloshing the fuel in the tank from the spin, as I decided to head back and it smoothed out. Back at the pattern, was empty when I arrived, with a V-tail Bonanza in the run up area, and a Cessna calling 6 NW as I was on downwind. Did one T&G, the Bonanza took off, saw the Cessna starting to enter downwind (but I was ahead). Did the 2nd T&G, Cessna fell in behind. 2 more calling taxiing out. Came around for the 3rd (full stop), and now catching up to the Cessna, so I flew the downwind at about 70 mph. He landed and was rolling long to taxiway B. I dragged it in, did a 3 point, and had to add power to drag it up to the first turn off, so no conflict. Saw the 2 sitting in the runup area as I taxied in. About 6.5 gallons on board. About time to flip the tires on the rims. Absolutely calm wind on the ground.