Sonex* 1st Build - Final Chapter

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Here is how the first build ends - all parts sold to another Sonex plans holder. So for those out there considering Sonex, but unsure of the time/skills involved, keep watching for those "project for sale" ads. Every once in a while, something comes up...

Loaded wing skins first (lower right, under cardboard), then had a friend stop by to help with the fuselage. It's very lightweight, just too big for one person to move. Then filled in with other parts. Car was loaded with as many parts as possible to minimize the number of things that may have been less secure on the trailer. 8/19/00

Car just beginning to be loaded. 8/19/00

Ran plastic sheet on bottom of trailer and out the forward end so it could be wrapped back around over the top of everything. 8/19/00

Flaps (in box at left) and ailerons above. H-tail on bottom of trailer. Had installed tailwheel spring to provide good resting point for fuselage, and to keep it off the bottom of the trailer. Fuselage also resting on 2x4's at back of trailer (under cockpit). 8/19/00

Nuvite area (t-deck skin) above unpolished side skin. 8/19/00

Pretty much all loaded. 8/19/00

One last view of the cockpit. Bottom skin inserted above tail cone cross beams. Didn't move because whole assembly was isolated from wind with plastic sheet. Along the way, weather improved (and plastic sheet ripped up), so I stuffed the plastic sheet into the back of the fuselage from below. I met the buyer 350 miles west of Hartford, and we transferred the parts to his trailer at a rest area. 8/19/00