Sonex* 2nd Build 3

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Proceeding by using scraps, these are some of the wing rib gussets. 16 more to go... I have found these easier to make cut to size & bent on the small brake rather than trimming the "bracket stock" as shown on the print. 9/9/00

Just enough scrap was available (including recycling the remnants of a faulty aileron) to produce a complete set of (52) wing ribs. 10 afts are formed, the rest are still "blank". 9/9/00

Starting the turtledeck formers. Originally traced the form blocks 1/2" large (similar to wing ribs). This leaves out the slot where the formers overlap the upper longerons. See print to trim slot (at lower end of former). 9/9/00

Detail of slot in former. 9/9/00

Plate details. Getting a ScotchBrite wheel for the bench grinder is the way to get the cut edges very smooth. I did not use the bench grinder at all until adding the ScotchBrite wheel. ~$40 from Avery. I think I'm using the finer-grained one. 9/9/00

Control surface ribs. Most of these (but not all) are .032. 9/9/00

Having many pieces of wood and cardboard tooling to trace, plus the experience of having made all of these parts before has allowed me to make many more parts in less time. 9/9/00

Ok, so there has to be room for a little creativity (among the very, very few not completely structural parts). Chrome-look by Nuvite... 9/9/00

So handles aren't where you want a shiny, fingerprint-collecting surface - but they look SO cool. And with enough lightening holes, I might gain the capacity to carry an additional sectional... 9/9/00