Sonex* 2nd Build 4

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Proper setup for fly cutting rib holes - rib braced against post of drill press. Part can not rotate. Extensive clamping of part not needed. 9/25/00

Another view of hole cutting. Most holes I did not cut all the way through - deeply score the surface and push the holes out by hand. 9/25/00

Cutting hole. Be very careful to avoid the flying part of the fly cutter. 9/25/00

Removing cutout from hole. Edges extremely sharp at this point. 9/25/00

Parts since last week. All h-stab ribs + the under the seat cockpit structure + a few of the aft channels in the tail cone (before brake length was exceeded). Can't decide to go for it? There might not be time? These 2nd build pages are about a month's work, an hour or two at a time every couple of days. 9/25/00