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Some have expressed concern to me about parts availability from Sonex. I think this was reasonable in '98 and '99, when one could not be sure that the Sonex would be popular enough to sustain continuing factory support. But now (end of 2000) with well over 300 builders and several customer-built airplanes flown, factory support is not an issue.

As such, one need not worry about collecting a large number of Sonex-supplied parts early on in the build. As you see looking through my Sonex build pages as I have placed them mostly in build order, the welded parts shown below have not factored into the build. One has well over a year's worth of building to do without needing to come up with the $$$ required to buy welded parts.

If you caught my note on the h-tail2 page, even the weldment that goes between the elevators was not needed to build either the h-tail or the elevators. The only part that would have held things up (and even that could probably be worked around) is the tail spring mount (common to taildragger and tri-gear). So at this point I would recommend not ordering/buying any of the below until all of the items in the pages above are completed. Even with my build schedule, one can see that the parts below sat for at least 8 months before I needed them. 11/23/00

The majority of the welded parts. The gear legs are inserted into the axle fittings & tailwheel mount. Angle of this picture makes the tailwheel rod look as big as the mains. The mains are really a lot larger. Triangular weldment at top is for a single center stick. The rod ends (on the flap and aileron pushrods) are from Wick's. The elevator horn at right really should have been installed by now. 1/8/00

The 3 pushrods - 2 aileron, 1 elevator. Other than the tailwheel mount fitting (already mounted in the fuselage box) and the engine mount, these are all of the welded parts. 1/8/00

Center stick assembly. 1/18/00

Center stick assembly with stick removed. 1/18/00

Aileron short pushrods with ends installed. 1/21/00

Setup for drilling rudder & flap phenolic blocks. Red is shop vac as blower to cool part & clear chips. 1/23/00

The full set of phenolic blocks to support the flap actuation rod & rudder pedals. 1/23/00