Sonex* Aft Fuselage

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The parts are getting bigger. 9/15/99

Cutting frame members. 9/16/99

Using cardboard template to quickly mark the rivet pattern on the multiple frame members. Made 2 templates, used 6? places each. Saved a LOT of time measuring. 9/16/99

More frame members. 9/16/99

Drilling cross beam. 9/29/99

Drilling both sides at once (clecoed together). Saves time measuring & laying out both separately. 9/29/99

Drilled all the way around. 9/29/99

Wood boring bit set up for 3/4" dia. hole. 9/29/99

Fuselage side set up for 4" access hole. 9/29/99

Fuselage side set up for rudder cable hole. 9/29/99

Rolled skins in storage. 10/2/99

Making turtledeck former blanks. 10/2/99

Hammering turtledeck formers. 10/2/99

Hammering straight flange. 10/2/99

Turtledeck formers. (Polished forward formers.) 10/2/99

Turtledeck formers. 10/2/99

How to form 95deg. angle in 2x2x1/8 angle. Adjusted quite a few part angles this way - set on floor, hit, check. 10/2/99

Fuselage details. Got bandsaw going again with an 8tpi wood blade. I had a hard time with several 6tpi blades. 10/2/99

Fuselage details. 10/2/99

Drilling lower right longeron from below. Set up others to be drilled from above. 10/3/99

Setting up upper right side longeron. 10/3/99

Drilling longeron. 10/3/99

Finished right side. 10/3/99

Ok, so it's just one finished side, one unfinished side, set on the bottom skin, but it's enough to sit in front of and make airplane noises. 10/3/99