Sonex* Forward Fuselage 1

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0.090" Forward fuselage details. Wing opening (flap pushrod?) doublers ("D" shapes) were cut using jigsaw with metal cutting blade. Parts shown inside doublers were laid out & cut approximately as shown from the scrap inside the "D". 10/26/99

Playing with the panel. I think there might be a 2.25" AI as an electric backup for very highly equipped aircraft, but it probably costs as much as my entire airframe. The 2.25" XPDR is a remote-mount by Becker (intended for gliders). I will probably do the 2.25" intercom & com radio, but no DG, AI, or TC. Don't know about the XPDR, but it would be nice not to hang anything below the panel. A g-meter mounted as shown would not read true due to the panel not being vertical. So if I include one, it will need to either be recalibrated or vertically mounted. 10/26/99

Using hand-held jigsaw with metal cutting blade to take 1x1x1/8 angle to length. This is why you want your table top to overhang the table framing. 10/29/99

Wrapping cut down around the angle (different size angle). 10/29/99

Most of the cockpit area angle stock blanks & some misc. details. (2.5x2.5x1/8 & some 1x1x1/8 not included) 10/29/99

Cut these using just the jigsaw - no bandsaw. Also feature the first countersunk rivets I've done in this project. (See Tools for microstop countersink) 10/29/99

Countersunk rivets installed. 10/29/99

Doing the parts from drawing SNX-F14 has been taking a lot of time. There are a LOT of parts in there. (Flap handle on right from different drawing.) 10/31/99