Sonex* at Sun N Fun 2000 - 2

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Left side, rudder cable exit fairing. This is not in the plans that I have today, but it looks like a nice detail to add. Also note additional access hole by tailwheel mount fitting (not on plans, probably not required). 4/23/00.

Right side, rudder cable exit fairing. 4/23/00.

This picture can be difficult to interpret due to the great reflectivity of the polished fuselage side. This is the right side flap gap fairing. Not in the plans, relatively simple to add later. 4/23/00.

Again, great reflection. (see the fuselage in the wing?) Wing walk detail. They changed this since last year. I took this shot before they wiped the previous day's dust off the wing. Actual finish is better than shown. Note wing walk panel is separate from the gap seal (forward). Plans show this as one piece. 4/23/00.

The Sonex factory cowl has a very small opening in the oil sump area. They may have modified the cast fins on the sump to fit inside cowl. I will probably trim the cowl until it fits the existing sump. 4/23/00.

Tail fairings. 4/23/00.

Trim and rudder cable details. 4/23/00.