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This is the airplane that I have decided to build.

Sonex, designed by John Monnett, with plans & component kits currently in production.

Designed around Jabiru and VW engines.

Sonex at Sun N Fun 1998.

This was the first time I saw it, set off from the rest of the kit airplane displays, though in a pretty good corner location if you were on the way to the museum or forums.

Here they are at Oshkosh 2000. What a difference 2 years makes - finish by Nuvite makes them shine as much as any 2024 alclad machine.

Jabiru Engine. Also available in 6-cylinder.

Sonex arrives!

In the yard, flaps, ailerons, elevators, rudder...

I saw the plane at Sun-N-Fun '98, and researched the tools required.

I had the shopping list ready for Sun-N-Fun '99, complete with prices from several online & mail-order vendors. The on-site prices were better, with no shipping & the satisfaction of immediately walking away with the tools. Though after buying 15-20# of tools, I would have to walk a mile out to the car & back to get more. Since then, I've bought the house with basement & garage. I had been living in a townhouse in a 4-unit building, with plenty of close-by neighbors & rules that would make airplane work difficult, if not impossible. The house also coincides with relocation from FL to CT. A little farther from Sun-N-Fun, but a much better airplane-building facility.

Keeping up with the Sonex builders' digest, I've also done some non-aircraft-specific tool shopping - bench grinder, router, compressor, disc/belt sander, drill press, bandsaw etc. There are probably a million other tools I'll come up with in process, but hopefully the aircraft-specific (rivet spacer, clecoes, etc.) stuff is mostly covered now.

Bought plans #0042 already started, including all the aluminum.