Sonex* Wing Spars and Wings 2

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Initial drilling of left main spar. 4/13/00

Locating end block. I had previously clecoed the right and left spar doubler plates together through the 5 holes used to join the spars to ensure that the pilot holes were in the right place, so by aligning the block to the pilot hole, the block should be close to the right spot. 4/15/00

View through mount block from below. 4/15/00

Starting to understand the complexity of attaching the root ribs. How do you get rivets in the holes that are close to the spar flanges? 4/21/00

View of root rib attach angle from outboard side. It is supposed to overlap the flap pushrod hole slightly. 4/21/00

Setting up the big 3/16" angle. Initial drilling of main web to caps was done on the table - all other setups to attach various angles to the assembly were done with the spar on paint cans for clamping access. I had to flip it a bunch of times for various clamp setups. 4/26/00

10 of those tall-grip cleco clamps prove useful again. The wide-grip cleco (right end) is at its limit with this stack thickness. This stack is thicker than regular pin-clecoes can grip through, so I clamped it from the side. 4/26/00

Spar full width. It appeared to be a simple matter of aligning the 5 holes for between-spar connection, but there was extra material at the bottom of each spar which had to be removed (shown below). 5/28/00

The overlap zone, from below. One wing flies a little ahead of the other one. 5/28/00

The overlap zone, from above. 5/28/00

Spars clamped together for drilling. 5/28/00

3 c-clamps were sufficient to hold spars in position, and I blocked each spar off the table at each end of the table to reduce chance of clamps slipping. 3 central bolts are to attach spar to spar only - not to fuselage. Fuselage rides on 3/8" dia. pins through the blocks on the spar. 5/28/00

Area on both spars which needed a little shaping to clear the bottom row of protruding rivet heads. This is a good check to make before riveting spar. These rivets are only inserted into the holes, not set. Also looks like 2 additional protruding head rivets will fit along top of spar. 5/28/00

Spar blocked up on table for drilling. 5/28/00