Sonex* Vertical Tail

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Vertical tail details started. 9/7/99.

Vertical tail ribs. 9/9/99.

Vertical tail front spar. 9/9/99.

Vertical tail rear spar details. 9/9/99.

Vertical tail general layout of components. Rear spar strap (rectangular plate) not in place. 9/9/99.

Vertical tail general layout of components. 9/9/99.

Skin after fold. 9/11/99.

Skin wrapped on frame. No such thing as too many spring clamps. 9/11/99.

Rudder on tail. I could not figure any way to put the hinge pin in with the hinge clecoed onto the tail, so the way it will have to go is to have both sides of the hinge attached to the rudder, with the forward side of the hinge drilled to match the tail, and rivet the hinge on. I clecoed the rudder to the tail with the hinge pin in place, and it moved very easily. 9/11/99.

Shows the angle of bend. 9/11/99.

Marking for holes from the inside, after rib tracing. 9/12/99.

Drilling pilot holes from the inside. 9/12/99.

Drilling bottom rib. Spring clamps used to hold position of forward spar so that the upper tip of the spar would be in proper position for mounting the tip rib. 9/12/99.

Deburring frame after drilling. Note rib traces inside of skin. Debur extension good for those across-rib holes inside the flange. 9/12/99.

Fitting tip rib. Last to fit is root rib (not shown). 9/12/99.

Riveting. Masking tape on left side trailing edge is to stop me from putting rivets into the rudder hinge holes. 9/12/99.

Done. Hinge side clecoed only until rudder will be mounted. (Lower hinge section to be installed later). 9/12/99.