Sonex* Wing

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I had the parts - I just wanted to see what they looked like. Not setup for anything in particular. - posted 4/4/00

Another view. These ribs make for a very slick airfoil. - posted 4/4/00

After consulting the mailing list & talking it over with Jeremy, I concluded that I would start my drilling-accuracy test - the wing skin. 1 of 6. I thought I had sliced all of these out of my stock near the beginning of the project (to set aside the material), but found that I had only roughed out 4 of the 6. So when I got to final trimming & drilling, it is inevitable that I only had enough sheet to do 1 of the 2 remaining, and will have to buy another sheet for the last skin. - posted 4/4/00

Root rib modified-angle plates. - posted 4/4/00

The R&L sets. Ok, so the set on the left gets an extra rivet. - posted 4/4/00

Measure & layout skin once, tape to other skin & transfer hole pattern with drill. That way, if it's screwed up, it's screwed up 2 sheets at a time... - posted 4/4/00

Trimming another skin. - posted 4/4/00

To continue, I have not finished out the spars. Plan is to borrow a rivet squeezer from a local RV builder, then squeeze rivets on both spars. So far, I have only (mostly) drilled the RH spar.

Hi-tech tube bending device. I bent the tube slowly because it felt like a fast pull would just cause it to flatten at the initial bend point. 1/29/00

Pitot-static assembly. (Cleco clamped to mount plate.) 1/29/00

Pitot-static assembly showing the stacks of washers that are very frustrating to install after the brackets are riveted to the mount plate. The tubes have to be removed to clear the rivet gun - maybe the clamp & washer stacks could be left in place, but I found the tubes impossible to guide through the mount plate & the clamps. 1/29/00

Epoxy in place. All that remains is to grind the rivet on the end of the static tube. (Bolt direction is reversed from print, but I'm not going to re-stack all those washers.) 1/29/00

Pitot & static hose support brackets. 1/29/00