Sonex* Wing 3

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This is the left wing. I originally thought I could finish the right wing, then do the left wing in series, but every time I complete a step/process on the right wing, I have found it works well to just do it on the left wing. So both wings will probably end up completed within a few days of each other.

Setup for drilling forward ribs to spar. This is after they were drilled. I spring-clamped the ribs in place one at a time, aligning a centerline drawn on the rib flange through the pilot holes in the spar. 6/5/00

View of forward rib setup from the other end of the spar. 6/5/00

Setup for positioning aft rib spacers on spar. I lined up 1/8" spacer centerline looking from below, and taped the .032 spacer over the 1/8" spacer. 6/6/00

Setup for drilling aft rib to spar. The c-clamps were only needed where the spar flange got too wide for the spring clamps - the 5 inner ribs. 6/7/00

View of aft rib clamping setup from aft side. 6/7/00

I finally think of this for the last few aft ribs - I leveled the forward & aft spars with shims, then used a straightedge (48" ruler) to ensure that the ribs were even with each other top and bottom before drilling. 6/7/00

Left wing. 6/7/00

Left wing. 6/7/00