Sun N Fun 2000

I thought this was a nice looking interpretation of a P-51 paint scheme. 4/11/00.

3300 Jabiru on a Kitfox. Intake manifold is different than on the Sonex prototype airplane. Arrow indicates close clearance between engine mount bolt and intake manifold. 4/11/00.

Light housing on production Katana airplane. 4/11/00.

Another view of Katana light housing. Clear cover removable for access from front, but retaining screws protrude into airflow. 4/11/00.

Typical RV light installation. Clear cover installs behind skin. Nutplates are attached to clear cover with metal back-up strip. 4/11/00.

Another RV installation. This builder eliminated the upper screws with a riveted "Z" of metal that the light cover slips into (on the upper edge). I don't know if this makes the lower screws easier or more difficult to install. 4/11/00.

Oil cooler installation. This was a composite airplane, 3 surface airplane (canard? wing, tail). 4/11/00.

Another view. 4/11/00.

Battery box. 4/11/00.

RV oil cooler installation. 4/11/00.

Same RV. Arrow shows vent box to switch between heated and unheated air to cabin. 4/11/00.