Sun N Fun 2000 - 2

RV. 4/23/00.

RV. 4/23/00.

P-51. Resemblance? 4/23/00.

P-51. 4/23/00.

Top of wing is painted blue. Bottom of wing painted silver. 4/23/00.

Cockpit of RV above. 4/23/00.

Jabiru 3300 on a Kitfox. Sonex removes muffler, runs straight pipes and positions oil cooler where muffler is under this engine. 4/23/00.

Hummel Bird (1/2 VW power). Prince prop and relatively large spinner. 4/23/00.

Another view. 4/23/00.

Cockpit of Air-Cam. 4/23/00.

Aft seat of Air-Cam. 4/23/00.

Cockpit of CH601. Note center stick with 2 grips. Forward-swing canopy. They showed one of these last year with double-hinged (opens either side) canopy. 4/23/00.

Jabiru airplane. Engine air inlet. Cabin? air inlet. 4/23/00.

Another Jabiru airplane. There are several threaded holes on the forward side of the sump casting. Jabiru uses these to mount the oil cooler on their airplane. 4/23/00.

Jabiru airplane. Note air inlets and oil cooler location. 4/23/00.