Exterior features Mazda Competition Graphics Package from Roebuck Mazda.

The stripes change the whole proportion of the car. Makes it appear narrower than before. I think part of this is because the factory stripe kit is tapered, unlike most "stripe kits" which are constant-width.

The stripes flare out at the passenger compartment panel breaks, resolving the issue of whether or not they need to continue on top of the windshield frame (they don't).

Had it installed by a local sign shop that specializes in truck lettering and graphics.

Also features BrainStorm high-flow grill and CRI driving lights. The lights did not work with the grill in these farther-apart mounting holes. They did fit in the close-together holes for the front license plate as these holes were far enough forward of the grill to allow the lights clearance. But I thought they looked dumb being so close together. Though they were centered one in the middle of each stripe, I made adapter plates from a simple "T" bracket pop-riveted to the bracket on the light housing. This sets them about an inch wider than the available far-apart holes, which I think is just about right.

- Note: grill & lights no longer on car.

New wheels are at Exterior 2