Eric's 1994 Mazda Miata

After 4 years of no Miata, I decided to get back into one.

After quite a few months of scanning the classifieds, stopping at cars with forsale signs along the roadside, and looking & bidding at eBay, I finally won the bid...

I have yet to pick it up, but the paperwork is in process.


After bidding on several that were farther away, older, higher miles & fewer options, I think this a pretty good deal.

It has everything offered except ABS & the M designation.




Black with tan leather. Kind of taking a chance on the seat condition since it isn't shown... 2/1/03.



Stock stereo replaced. I hope they didn't muck up the wires inside the dash too much. (Right way: buy cable adapters for stereo, snap in using factory connectors. Wrong way: cut & twist until complete...) 2/1/03.

These are probably pretty cheap tires, but decent tread. 2/1/03.

Top looks original, if tired. 2/1/03.

This is the shot that really sold it for me. Look close at the engine photos of cars for sale. I saw several with a different year engine installed, claiming ABS when there was none, wrong intake tube, incorrect vacuum lines, even one with the heater core hoses cut & attached to each other. This one looks stock.