1951 Buick Special Deluxe - 01

3rd week of July, and the first attempt at pick-up was a bust. The transport would not go down the seller's street. I looked at it on Google Earth, and it looked do-able to me - if one got off the interstate and went past the first entrance into the subdivision and came around from the other side. Anyway, I had already sent $ to the seller and partial payment to the transport company, so backing out would be at least somewhat painful. So the seller agreed to hire a local roll-back to move the car less than a mile to a shopping center parking lot. Kind of a hassle, since the seller also has a full-time job, and one never knows exactly when a transport will call to say they will be there within the hour. Got that done.

7/29/13 - car arrives

As I recall, the transport said he would be to Tucson in some surprisingly short amount of time. And he actually was. He gave me about an hour's warning, and I was able to leave work and meet him at a grocery store parking lot. He got that non-running car down off the trailer and rolled right into a parking spot (as I didn't know how long it might need to stay there). I was able to call roadside assistance, and they arrived quicker than they promised. So it probably wasn't even there an hour. They got it right up to the new house. And this was the day that the new house sale was filed with the county. (I technically didn't own the house when the car was dropped off.)

Right about this time, the seller's agent shows up and says he's doing a routine inspection of the house. I don't know how normal that was - as it was the day the paperwork filed - probably more like a final inspection in case we came back with any complaints. I also was given the impression by my realtor that he was also checking to see if I had put anything more than a car in the driveway. The roll-back driver was willing to put it right into the garage, but I thought that was locked. I didn't know then that the lock was broken and I could have just turned the handle to open the garage door (since fixed). If I'd have done that, I might have got more trouble of some sort from the seller's agent. Probably a big no-no in real estate to allow buyers into houses early.

Later that day (when we officially had the keys and everything), Carol and I pushed the car into the garage. At some point not long after that, I put a jack under the front center, lifted both wheels, and set the car back down on ramps in order to get the front end at a more convenient working height.

August 5 2013:

Found the engine number. verified that it was matched to the title (yes!).