1951 Buick Special Deluxe - 02

August 9-16 2013

Engine before doing anything with it. The valve cover vent cap that was missing in the parking lot photo was found down the side of the engine - a little luck there.

Pulled air filter. Pulled valve cover - looks pretty good in there. Pulled spark plug cover.

After attempting to charge for a few days, I pulled the battery out. It's not coming back.

Pulled spark plug cover. Cleaned up the nuts for this on the Scotchbrite wheel.

Drained the oil. Used a trick I saw on the What's in the Barn? show - put a space heater under the engine for the better part of a day. When I drained the oil, it was probably 150F, so it drained out just like the car had been run. No sludge.

Suctioned the oil out of the oil filter housing, as the drain on that shown in the manual does not exist on this car.

Later - pulled the oil filter housing off the engine and gave it a more extensive cleaning.

August 20 2013

Cleaned the windows inside and out. More gunk on the inside - like something was vaporizing and condensing. Came off with alcohol.

Door glass prior to cleaning.

August23 2013:

Got a plate & title.

I weighed this plate - 10 1/2 oz solid copper. I guess they haven't needed to make more since '77.