1951 Buick Special Deluxe - 03

August 20 - September 8 2013 - Carb Rebuild

Pulled the carb. Cleaned that out. Polished a bunch of fasteners and other things I could get to on the carb. Installed rebuild kit.

As removed. Front of car to the left in this shot.

As removed. Forwards looking aft.

Seemed intimidating at first, but with the shop manual, I worked through it, one piece at a time.

Polished the clip on the starter switch (the starter switch is on the carb - operate by pushing throttle to the floor. This looked good so I also cleaned up the electrical terminal screws. I was warned off from removing the plates in this casting in order to pull the shaft. The screws that hold the plates to the shaft are staked (deformed/mashed) and can damage the shaft if not carefully ground/filed away on the thread end first.

Polishing screw heads on the Scotchbrite wheel. How they started in the back row.

Going back together with polished screws & linkages.

Carb rebuild kit from The Carburetor Shop, LLC in Eldon Missouri.

Gaskets in the carb rebuild kit. Gasket on the right they provided 5 or 6 more - I later figured out these should be stacked as an insulator. When I removed the carb, the studs on the manfold seemed quite long - but there was only one of these gaskets in place.

Set in place back on the engine.

See how long that manifold stud looks? Should be a stack of gaskets raising the carb up some.