1955 Buick Special Custom - 01

3/9/13 - Call Seller

After emailing the seller on Thursday after their eBay auction had closed, he emailed me back on Friday to say that he had not heard from the winning bidder, so he considered the car still available. We played phone tag on Saturday, but I did get to speak to him. He believed the winning bidder might have been a stolen identity. Anyway, after some conversations with Carol, we were ok with trying to buy it. Also called Carol's uncle Fred in the Las Vegas who has done quite a few car restorations for some advice. He had not done a remote purchase deal like this - he always goes to where the car is and picks it up (or it's from someone he knows). Anyway, he gave me some ideas of what to look for. I asked the seller for more photos.

3/10/13 - Exchange emails

The seller sent me his address, and I'm to send a deposit check tomorrow (Monday). It will take a few days to transfer the rest of the funds to the local account so I can get him a bank check for the rest. Got quotes from shipping companies. Not too bad. Tried to get a quote from Hagerty classic car insurance, but the browser gets an error, so I'll have to call them.

Photos - pre-purchase photos from the seller