Previous Experiments

1988 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer.

Survived much experimentation with tire size, ride height, carrying capacity, etc.

Yes, that is my other car, before the stripes.

Original ride height.

Lowered 4 in. rear, 3 in. front.

Showed me the distinction between ride and handling.

Great handling, terrible ride. Raised it back to 2 in. lower all around, where top photo has it.

The 4 in. rear drop was done with specially-made leaf springs.

The 3 in. front drop was done with 2 in. lowered spring perches in custom lower A-arms plus 1 in. lower springs.

The 2 in. rear drop was done with blocks on the stock springs.

The 2 in. front drop was done with the custom A-arms and the stock springs.

Education isn't cheap.

The "Speedster" aka Mrozer.

A loose adaptation of the 1952 Porsche Glukler Spyder, a very early factory racing special. 2 were made and sent to the U.S. for racing. Picture this without the speedster windshield - just a small (useless) glass in front of the driver.

The "top", as it were. Used a modified MG frame, some boat hardware on the lower attach points, a replica Porsche front bow, and aircraft cowl latches for the windshield frame. Never used.

A vintage 1987 kit from Mark Mroz, of Anaheim, Ca. He went out of business shortly after delivering some of this "kit". About all I got from him was 3 pieces. The forward bodyshell with integral tub and gas tank, the dashboard, and the rear bodyshell. The body did not include provision for a fuel filler or windshield.

At the body shop, construction well along.

The windshield is genuine repro Speedster, and required several inches of wood, fiberglass, and body filler to match the body. Built on a 1974 VW bug chassis, I would not recommend trying this at home. Buy a car that is close to what you want and make improvements. This was like starting at ground zero. No doors, no top, no windshield wipers, no electrical system, nothing. Learned that designing your own car is harder than it might be made to appear.

Body in black, a stage in the bodywork/painting process.

Tempted to just leave it like this, but the red was outstanding.