Sonex* Summary Build Log

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The detailed non-summary log for Sonex s/n 0042.

This is what I have as of 99-10-02. These are category sub-totals from a spreadsheet I've made of time spent. There are maybe 20 more hours that I have not added to the spreadsheet yet - all in the aft fuselage box and turtledeck. Gives me good confidence that this really is a 1000-hour-class airplane for the first time builder. I was surprised how many hours I have in the wing ribs. I did those first. The time went quickly building a bunch of small identical parts.

Times include fabrication of all details of a given assembly, and represent total time to make overall component from raw materials.

Component                  Time    Status

Aileron construction       21.2 hr (1 aileron left to skin ~4hr)
Elevator construction       7.2 hr Complete
Flap construction           9.9 hr Complete
Rudder construction         7.0 hr Complete
Aft fuselage box           28.7 hr In Work
Aft fuselage turtledeck    12.4 hr In Work
Horizontal stabilizer      32.0 hr Complete
Vertical stabilizer        22.9 hr Complete
Instrument panel component  1.0 hr In Work
Wing ribs (fwd & aft)      47.2 hr In Work (~6hr remaining includes rib gussets)
Wing spar                   1.0 hr In Work

Total to 991002           190.5 hr